Working Dog Coffee

A Working Dog Handler with a passion for great coffee & Working Dogs.

Having worked many different classifications of Military Working Dogs (MWDs) in Operational Theatres around the world, one thing was always constant, that was coffee & dogs.

So Working Dog Coffee was born from the need of both to carry out the task required.

  • Reese - Bite

    MWD Reese was a Patrol Dog with a very good nose for detecting people in hiding. Endless hours were spent fine tuning this into making it an asset, that was put to great use in the Green Zone of Helmand Province during Operation Herrick.

    Reese retired and lived happily with a former handler.

  • Max - Search

    MWD Max was an Arms Explosive Search Dog that had deployed on multiple operations around the world.

    I was lucky enough to be his handler serving alongside him on Operation Telic. There are very fond memories of the times spent on Ops with him.

    Max saw out his retirement with the Alps as his back garden.

  • Q-Melk - Specialist

    MWD Q-Melk was a Specialist Search Dog tasked to help the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Task Force.

    He deployed on multiple Operations and missions during his service and was also part of the team that helped to train the future C-IED Specialists.

    Q-Melk retired to a former handler and is currently enjoying life.

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  • Water

    Boiled water should not be used for your coffee, as this will start the extraction process too early, leaving you with a bitter taste.

    90°C - 96°C is the optimal temperature for most brewing methods.

  • Coffee

    The ratio for coffee to water is dependant on method of brewing (more in the brewing guides).

    A Coffee to Water ratio of 1:15; is 1g of coffee to 15g/15ml of water.

    For a 284ml cup you would divide by 15 which gives you 18.93g of coffee needed.

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